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Welcome to Qpoint

What is Qpoint?

Qpoint delivers an External Quality Assessment service specifically designed for users of point of care testing equipment. Delivered by NHS professionals, our friendly team will send you a monthly test sample and report, offering advice and guidance to enable you to produce the highest quality results from your point of care testing equipment.

Qpoint for Healthcare Professionals

National Guidelines1 recommend that all diagnostic pathology point of care testing equipment is registered with an External Quality Assessment scheme. Our scheme is designed to deliver information in a clear format to show you at a glance how well your results agree with everyone else on the scheme using the same device.

1 MHRA Management and use of IVD Point of Care Test Devices v1.1 (2013)

Qpoint for Home Users

Designed to provide peace of mind that your blood glucose meter is producing trustworthy results that compare well with the results generated by other users of the same system.Register now and we will help you to ensure your meter and test strips are performing as they should.

Qpoint for Manufacturers

Qpoint works closely with manufacturers of POCT devices to provide EQA Schemes tailored to requirements, whilst remaining totally independent.

Show your customers you really do care about Governance and Quality by introducing them to Qpoint EQA Schemes whenever you place a new device. By using our bespoke Qpoint software, manufacturers can monitor performance of their devices/participants and provide truly proactive customer care. At Qpoint, we pride ourselves on working flexibly whilst adhering to professional standards, so are always keen to hear from manufacturers and take on new initiatives together.

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