Ketone Registration

NHS Healthcare Professionals or Commissioners, who are part of the inter-NHS VAT group (ie: CCGs, NHS Trusts and NHS Foundation Trusts) and home users of blood ketone meters can register with our scheme at any time of the year for an annual subscription which is exempt from VAT. All other third party healthcare providers (eg: Manufacturers, GPs, Care Homes) NHS or non-NHS, will be liable for VAT at the current rate. Each annual subscription is for one participant, receiving one monthly sample to test on one allocated blood glucose meter.

Annual subscription to Qpoint Ketone EQA Scheme £37.68 excluding VAT

Next Step

Healthcare Professional

I am employed as a healthcare professional and use a blood ketone meter to monitor patients with diabetic ketoacidosis. In accordance with MHRA guidelines and for good clinical governance I wish to enrol in the Qpoint EQA Scheme, receiving samples and reports monthly.