Urine hCG

Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I have to test the Qpoint EQA solution every month?

For good quality assurance it is essential to continuously monitor how well your device is performing. By testing the EQA sample every month, any problems can be identified and action taken swiftly. This reduces the length of time that you may be obtaining unreliable results.

Why do I keep getting error messages when I try to analyse the EQA sample?

The most likely reason for error messages are below

  1. The Qpoint sample was not analysed within 5 days of arrival
  2. The Qpoint sample was not stored in the fridge until analysis
  3. The Qpoint sample was not at room temperature before analysis
  4. A fault with the device
  5. A fault with the test cartridges used

Can I avoid getting an "Amber" score for missing a deadline?

One of the advantages of the Qpoint EQAS is that samples are sent out every month. We understand that it is not always possible to analyse the EQA sample and return the result before the deadline every month. The amber result received will indicate that you have not been able to validate the performance of your device that month. It is not something to be taken as a personal failure but look out for the sample the following month and return your next result before the deadline.

I returned my result – why do I have a "Red" score?

You may get Red score if your result does not agree with other users of the same device. This could be a caused by:

  1. Not analysing/storing the Qpoint sample as stated in the Participants' Manual
  2. Incorrect testing technique used
  3. Degradation of test cartridges (e.g. not stored correctly)
  4. Device error (e.g. electrical fault or routine maintenance not being carried out)
  5. Statistical variation (if this is the case your next report should be green)

Qpoint recognise that incorrect results given by any hCG testing device (for whatever reason) could significantly influence patient management. These instances are scored red to ensure the any corrective action required is undertaken in a timely fashion.

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