How Qpoint Works

The HbA1c EQA Scheme is available to Healthcare Professionals only.

The Qpoint HbA1c EQAS samples are fresh anti-coagulated whole blood from human volunteers that has been screened negative for HIV, Hepatitis B and Hepatitis C before being issued.

This is a biological specimen and must be treated with the same respect afforded to any patient sample.

The blood samples are issued in small tubes, packaged in accordance with postal regulations and sent out to participants in the post. A different fresh blood sample is sent to you every month.

Qpoint participants analyse this sample as soon as possible after receipt, on their designated testing device for HbA1c, just as if it was a patient sample.

Once you have tested the EQA sample you can submit the result you obtain directly back to Qpoint by using this website. There are also options to post or fax your results back to us.

The following month you will receive a user friendly report back from Qpoint, prepared by laboratory scientists, that gives you clear information on how well your previous result agreed with everyone elses. This report uses an easy traffic light system for interpretation and is issued with your next monthly EQA sample for testing.

Further information on the scheme is available in our Qpoint Participant Manual which you will receive upon registration.

Frequently Asked Questions