Frequently Asked Questions from Healthcare Professionals

Why do I have to test the Qpoint EQA solution so frequently?

For good quality assurance it is essential to continuously monitor how well your meter is doing. By testing the EQA sample every month, any problems can be identified and action taken within 4-6 weeks of testing. This reduces the length of time that you may be obtaining unreliable blood ketone readings.

I use more ketone test strips running the QC and EQA samples than I do for testing patients' blood. Is such frequent quality testing necessary when I rarely use my meter?

If you rarely use your blood ketone meter as a Healthcare Professional, you may need to consider whether you really need to have one.

If the meter is essential and you test infrequently it is vitally important that you maintain your competency for testing patient samples by continuing to run QC and EQA samples.

When you use a meter infrequently it is possible that test strips and QC material will become out of date without you noticing.

I work part time and sometimes miss the deadline for submission of Qpoint results. Can I avoid getting an "amber" score for this?

One of the advantages of the Qpoint EQAS is that samples are sent out every month. We understand that it is not always possible to analyse the EQA sample and return the result before the deadline every month. The amber result received will indicate that you have not been able to validate the performance of your meter that month. It is not something to be taken as a personal failure! Just look out for the sample the following month and return your next result before the deadline.

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